Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So the new semester has begun.

I started my new semester yesterday,  4 classes in one day.  What a long day!  My schedule is pretty full this semester with 17 credits.  I have HY 135 (American History up to 1877), I did HY 136 Last semester out of sequence.  Visual Basic Programming, Calculus, Small Group Discussion, Micro Economics, and  another Computing History and Ethics.

Right now, I really don't feel too overwhelmed, but that is all subject to change.  I am a week into classes now and other than reading, there hasn't really been much to do.  I was really expecting to feel a bit overwhelmed.  I had expectations that the classes I am taking may not be very interesting.  I have been pleasantly surprised to see  they are all somewhat interesting.  I guess it all lies in your mindset.  I try and stay open and inviting to learning anything new, no matter what value I might initially think it may have to me.

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  1. It does all lie in your mindset - as long as you expect that the workload could become full-on once assignments, essays and exams are due - you might be pleasantly surprised! Take each day as it comes and complete homework straight away - that's my advice!