Monday, February 28, 2011

The business of going back to school

When I started this, I had great hopes of being able to write something every few days or so, but life always seems to get in the way.  I figured being a non-traditional student, I would have everything figured out and would be way ahead of the rest of the student population, and to a point that is true.  I don't really worry about the social scene at school, although I do still participate in various events and opportunities available.

I find myself trying to balance my studies with my family's needs at home.  Having teenage children is an experience in itself.  Their activities leave little time for much of anything else, but I do put my time to studying when needed.  Oh, and did I mention we took on an exchange student for the remainder of the school year.  She has actually been with us since just after Thanksgiving, so that adds to the needs to be met, but it is an interesting and rewarding experience too.  I have been able to learn quite a bit about the way things work in other countries.

With all of this going on, and a growing state of frustration with the education system in the U.S., I decided to start another blog on the failures of the system we provide to educate our children.  With my wife being a teacher, 2 children in the system, and seeing the recent products of the system in school with me, there are a lot of different observations to go through.


  1. I've just started back at uni this week after a huge summer break and already the responsibilities that come with three children are beginning to impede on my precious study time! I'm nowhere near as organised as I was last year and the kids activities seem to be more - this year we have a formal (prom), a semi-formal, a senior graduation to prepare for on top of the weekly sport and extra curricular activities. so I hear you on this one! Because I regularly enjoy reading your blog I have awarded you a stylish blogger award. For more details visit

  2. Oh my gawd...I am so overwhelmed I want to crawl under the covers until the Dean pulls them back to hand me my degree!! I have 2 teens and my 19 year old niece living with me on top of being the EMS Capt at the firehouse and taking 20 credits! I WILL CELEBRATE WITH MANY MARGARITAS AND AVACADOS WHEN I AM DONE! As for the social scene, I am with you there too. I am too busy to get involved in activities but I do like to socialize. I sometimes wish I had some close buds on campus so I didn't feel so left out but I have found so many fun people to talk to! Good luck!!

  3. Wow - school AND teenagers. I do hope you can carve some time out for at least one group while you are in school. I wish you the very best. I'm so glad I found your blog here. I added it to my blog today for other nontraditional students to find. :-)